Below are answers to a list of questions that I am most frequently asked by clients considering an improvement to their property.

Q: How do you work with customers.

A: After reviewing the your goals, budget, and time frame, as well as discussing available alternatives regarding building materials and methods, I will submit a detailed written bid for your job.

Q: How are you paid?

A: I require a signed agreement with a down payment to start work. Future payments are tied to designated milestones in the project which are outlined in our agreement. A final payment is held by the customer until the job is completely finished and they are totally satisfied.

Q: What if I want to change something in my job after you start?

A: I try hard to work with clients prior to actually beginning the job, to consider all options and accurately define the scope of work in detail. This is so that things can be done right the first time. However, sometimes a customer will want to make a change. If it is a minor change and prior to actual construction, I will make every effort to incorporate the change within the original scope of the work. If however, the change requires rework or additional building material or substantial labor, I will require a written change order to their agreement which will clearly document the modification and identify any change to the price of the project.

Q: If selected, how soon could you start my job?

A: I schedule all jobs in the order in which I receive the contracts. Since I work with small crews, I typically complete one job, prior to starting the next one. With each proposal, I will disclose my current work commitments and provide an estimated start date and target completion date. Once I start you job, I will not begin other work except in the case of a delay beyond my control, such as material unavailability, building inspections, or inclement weather.

Q: Will you provide me with references from other customers?

A: I will be proud to provide you with clients you may contact regarding my work. However, in consideration to my prior customers, I would request that this be your final evaluation step in approving me to start your job. If you should also consider providing a reference for me in the future, I will also extend this courtesy to you.